B2B Website Solutions

Business-to-business marketing challenges and solutions

B2B marketing is an entirely different ball game from its consumer marketing counterpart. You are dealing with customers who are professionals and the kind of promotion (such as "Buy one, get one free") that would be successful with consumers will simply not work in this kind of marketing. Neither will marketing on price alone succeed and your focus should be on delivering value for money. For the same reason glitzy sales letters or colorfully designed advertising is unlikely to capture the attention that you require from a business customer.

What you require is a marketing approach that integrates your product or service with the business needs of the customer. If you think about it, your business customers are used to sales pitches focusing on the value and business sense of the particular product or service offering. Pressure tactics which may work with consumers are likely to be counterproductive and put off your potential business clients. It is also very likely that your business customer is familiar with the sales function and the tricks that go into formulating sales tactics. This is not to say that you should not try hard to sell but you are not going to push your customer into a purchase decision. You need a soft and low-key sales approach that emphasizes the importance of dealing with you on a long-term basis.

Planning B2B marketing strategies and solutions

Recent research suggests that the following trends are important:

  • Almost 60% of B2B marketeers believe that the biggest influence on lead generation is search engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Over half of these companies have concluded deals with leads generated from social media
  • Social media is expected to see the largest increase in investment in the future

This suggests that in planning B2B strategies in the future, the following considerations need to be taken into account:

  • Focus needs to be not just on SEO activity but on ensuring that these activities achieve the top line and bottom line envisaged in the business plan
  • The online marketing strategy needs to be holistic and take into account every single facet including keyword research and management, organic traffic strategy and lead generation.
  • Every aspect of the marketing spend has to be leveraged to produce the maximum return. All the SEO initiatives ranging from social media to PPC have to be undertaken in the context of a comprehensive marketing plan.

What Neticode can do for you

  • At Neticode, we have an obsession with helping to build successful online businesses. We believe that technology is only a tool and success can only be achieved with a combination of high-level technical skills and penetrating marketing insight.
  • Our focus is entirely on the value that we deliver measured by hard numbers such as ROI, incensed traffic and sales revenues and a satisfactory bottom line.
  • Our team has a great deal of experience and knowledge in the development of e-commerce solutions as well as the marketing expertise to ensure that the customized solution that we develop for you is the best possible solution for you.