Corporate Brand Management and Marketing Solutions

Corporate websites are a cornerstone of any marketing plan, but it's hard to keep them up-to-date and engaging.

Every successful online marketing campaign needs a website with design and content that attracts visitors. You can't underestimate the importance of an engaging site to make your marketing efforts more effective.

Online marketing campaigns help you attract prospects to your site, build brand recognition among internet users, and enable proactive reputation management.

As consumers have grown increasingly fussy about the types of advertising they see and have learned to tune out messages in which they have little or no interest. However, those same people still need help making purchases; 9 out of 10 customers turn to their internet for advice on what to buy.

A proper pull marketing strategy based on inbound marketing has the power to attract traffic to the corporate website. Optimizing the content on your website can deepen these connections and lead to a long-term, sustainable selling process. In order to stay up in the rankings and keep visitors entertained, you need fresh content that's constantly updated.

Net iCode employs a range of strategies to help companies thrive on the internet. From proactively managing company reputations to continual SEO/PPC improvement, we can help you succeed in all your online endeavors through website management and intelligent marketing campaigns. We would love to work with you for a consultation and explore ways we could be more successful together!

The best e-commerce solution for you

  • The SEO foundation for your marketing should be an effective, well-designed and properly Optimized website. Without this firm foundation, you will not be able to get maximum value from any marketing initiatives that you might undertake.
  • For successful SEO, you should continue to target a well chosen and appropriate set of keywords so that you can dominate the search engine results page in respect of those particular searches. The most successful combination will be a mixture of generic keywords and specific keywords associated with your brand.
  • On the Internet, content is king and high-quality content that is refreshed constantly is the only way to maintain your page rank. Every time you refresh your content, you will attract the search bots as well as return visits to your site.
  • If content is king, link building is queen. You must remember that the search engines do not actually read the content of your website. They look for clues from human readers to assess the value of your website. They place a great deal of reliance on high-quality inbound links on the premise that if the number of highly regarded websites linking to your website is large, you website must be of equally high quality.

What Neticode can do for you

  • At Neticode, we have an obsession with helping to build successful online businesses. We believe that technology is only a tool and success can only be achieved with a combination of high-level technical skills and penetrating marketing insight.
  • Our focus is entirely on the value that we deliver measured by hard numbers such as ROI, incensed traffic and sales revenues and a satisfactory bottom line.
  • Our team has a great deal of experience and knowledge in the development of e-commerce solutions as well as the marketing expertise to ensure that the customized solution that we develop for you is the best possible solution for you.