App Development

Why develop a mobile app?

The world is continuously evolving, and people spend less and less time at a computer and considerably more time on their phones! By developing a mobile app you significantly increase the online presence of your business and connect with a whole new audience through their preferred digital platform.
The dynamics of an app are completely different than a webpage. It is about easy access, fast information and small file sizes. Our team of developers fully understand the world of apps and how we like to use them. They will create a mobile app for your business that is compelling and accessible to a diverse group of potential new clientele on iOS or Android devices.


At Net iCode, we see the trends in preferred digital platforms, and it is quite clear that mobile is becoming the choice for most people around the world. For this reason, we have chosen to specialize in mobile app development designed to reach your clients and potential conversions in unique and creative ways. This is NOT a standard adaptation of your current website, but a mobile experience that sets your business apart from others. We want to give individuals something fresh and exciting in order to build retention and relationships with people on their preferred digital platform. Mobile advertising will soon be the majority choice for most of our online experiences. We want to make sure your business rides this wave from the very beginning!


  • Design

  • Technology

Which App is for you?

People are not all the same, and they don't want their apps to be either. We offer advanced app development services utilizing a team of expert coders, graphic designers and usability specialists who will guarantee that your app is the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic!

  • Business Apps

    We design and develop corporate and small business apps for Android and iOS platforms that serve the dual purpose of meeting on-the go requirements of customers and internal employees.

  • Ecommerce Apps

    We specialize in building robust and secure apps that enable the flow and security of ecommerce. Our ecommerce platforms give your business office and hour flexibility by allowing administrators to manage and update products, customers, orders, discounts, etc., on the go.

  • Entertainment Apps

    We design and develop entertainment apps that are rich with multimedia content - text, audio, video and images and are focused on functionality. This is the best marketing tool for promoting new brands, product launches, enhanced features, etc.

  • E-Learning Apps

    Net iCode develops engaging and cost effective e-learning apps and eBooks to put your business at the forefront of helping individuals through advanced technology. Our apps are enriched with media features such as graphics, animation, videos and audio to create an engaging academic environment.