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A very large number of SEO companies have first-rate technical skills but often lack the marketing insight to deliver a website that is in line with your marketing plans. We are experts at conceptualizing and executing marketing strategy and, because we recognize that you know your business best, we will work very closely in partnership with you so that together we can achieve the best possible results for your money. For instance, when it comes to keyword management, we will develop a portfolio of keywords using an array of sophisticated tools and techniques and then optimize your website to follow through. We recognize that it is important for you to achieve the best possible return on your marketing investment and we will continuously monitor the traffic on your website to assess the effectiveness of keywords and to fine-tune them if possible. Get in touch with us straight away and we will offer concrete evidence of the benefits of partnering with us.

  • Four out of every five visitors to a website or directed there by the search engines.
  • The higher the SEO authority of your website, the more the traffic it will receive and the higher your chances of conversion.
  • Unlike PPC, organic SEO is a long-term strategy with investment made for free traffic. You can achieve long-term results in the page ranking if you provide the search engines with relevance.
  • If you can do this on a continuous basis, you can do without resorting to tricks or paying for your success.

What to look for in your
organic SEO services provider

# High quality optimization: Your chosen service provider should be conversant with the best practices when it comes to on page and off page optimization. This requires a range of skills starting with keyword research to the most effective link building and content optimization.

# Proper Keyword Research: Keywords are the terms that people type into search engines to find a particular product or service. As a result, all the pages on your website must target the right keywords. Instead of looking to be at the top of the search engine results for your business segment, you should be targeting keywords that provided a reasonable amount of traffic which can lead to outstanding rates of conversion [conversion refers to the process of transforming prospects into customers].

# Ethical optimization techniques: Cheap SEO packages will not be as effective as tailor-made solutions. Beware of service providers who promise quick results but use unethical and unscrupulous techniques to achieve their objectives. These so-called "black hat" techniques are shortsighted and self-defeating because, when the search engines catch on [as they always will], they can end up blacklisting your website. Affordable SEO solutions should emphasize value rather than price.

# Search engine ranking: Many people have the simplistic notion that all you need to do is to put any old rubbish on your website and stuff it with the appropriate keywords. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the case of Google which is the dominant search engine, the people who work there regard their search engine as the jewel in the crown and the algorithm is a closely guarded secret. They have become more and more particular about stopping people from misusing for taking advantage of the search results with the growing emphasis on relevance and quality. The latest algorithm update further emphasizes the accent on quality and a large number of websites have seen a sudden drop in their ranking (according to one source the average drop was 57%). Because the search algorithm is such a closely guarded secret, nobody knows exactly how they index pages and websites. As a result, experience is very important in judging out to best go about achieving a good and sustainable page ranking.

Why come to Net iCode

  • You can derive the maximum mileage from your limited marketing budget.
  • Search engine algorithms are frequently tweaked and impact the way pages are ranked. We stayed right on top of these changes to ensure that your organic SEO provides you with the optimum results.
  • We ensure the best page ranking results at all times because in addition to the most competitive choice of keywords, we remain highly focused on key areas such as relevancy and unique content.
  • We follow the highest standards of ethical behavior and strict adherence to search engine rules because we would never do anything that compromises your business and your website.

We would strongly urge you not to just take our word for what we have to offer. Give us a chance to demonstrate what we can do for your business by getting in touch with us immediately. Alternatively, if you complete the contact form, we will immediately be in touch with you to take our partnership further.